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Student Counseling Center

A. Introduction
Counseling Center services help students solve their personal difficulties that may interfere with their academic progress, social skill development, and satisfaction about college life. Faculty and staff members are also welcome to utilize counseling services.
B. Services
1. Initial Interview:
During this consultation, the student has the opportunity to discuss his or her concerns. If further services are indicated, the counselor may recommend group or individual counseling, suggest further evaluation, or refer the student to other services on or off campus. Occasionally, some students find that this initial consultation meets their needs and require no further services.
2. Individual Therapy:
Individual counseling sessions are offered to help students gain a deeper understanding of the sources of their difficulties. Counseling Center provides counseling to students with personal, academic and career concerns. Professional counselors can meet with students to talk about a number of concerns such as: adjusting to school, dealing with family or relationship issues, coping with personal crises.
3. Group Therapy:
Group therapy provides a unique opportunity for small groups of eight to twelve students to meet and share common concerns, explore personal issues and learn new skills under the guidance of a professional leader.
4. Crisis Intervention:
Sometimes, crisis situations arise that require immediate intervention (e.g. sexual assault, suicidal feelings, or death of a loved one). The student should alert the receptionist to the crisis nature of their situation and s/he will be seen promptly.
5. Consultation:
Consultation by phone or appointment are available for students, faculty and staff members or parents who wish to talk with a professional about a student suffering from emotional stress, about counseling referrals or other issues.
6. Legal Consultation:
Legal consultation is available upon appointment.
C. Office Location
S106 Technology Building
Contact number 02-2822-7101#2439
Our office on city campus is located at R210.
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