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Extracurricular Activities Division

A. Introduction
1. Organizing holistic and community-oriented student activities
2. Offering long-lasting services and forming lifelong friendships withstudents
Operating on the principle of promoting student autonomy, the Extracurricular Activities Division aims to assist and support students in organizing a variety of student clubs, organizations and extracurricular activities to help students understand the operation of an organization, improve their leadership abilities, establish good interpersonal relationships and gain the ability to think independently and respect others.
B. Services
1. Guidance for Student Clubs:
We encourage students to take part in wholesome entertainment activities that enrich their body and soul. Students may use school regulations as a reference, and then apply the regulations to establish a healthy student club that benefits them both physically and emotionally.
2. Extracurricular Activity Passport:
We encourage NTUNHS’s students to take part in extracurricular or community service activities to cultivate their sense of team spirit, develop holistically, and to serve as a recommended frame of reference for students to develop the extracurricular activities passport system.
3. Venue Hire for Student Club Activities:
(1) Venue Booking for NTUNHS Students
(a) Classroom hire: For daytime use, you may make book classrooms at the Office of Academic Affairs. For nighttime use, you may make book classrooms at the Office of Student Affairs. 
(b) For venue hire at the Qin Ren Building, Ming Lun Building, the sports field, the school stadium, Wu Wu Court/Minor Performance Arena/meeting rooms for student clubs, you may contact the Extracurricular Activities Division of the Office of Student Affairs.  
(2) Students must restore the venue after use, clean it up and lock the door. In the event of damage or destruction to the venue, the venue hire applicant shall be held responsible for compensation.
For further information, please refer to NTUNHS Regulations for Venue Hire for Student Club Activities.  
4. Service-learning Course:
The purpose of the course is to enhance students’ understanding of the value of life through hands-on community service activities. We hope NTUNHS students will not only have professional specializations, but also developwholesomepersonal characteristics. We also hope that they will not only care about their own personal development, but also care for the well-being of the community. 
5. Equipment Loans for Student Club Activities:
(1) A student club must fill out the Application Form for Equipment Loans and the Application Form for Activity Endorsement when applying for equipment loans or contact the Extracurricular Activities Division after the activity is approved.
(2) The Equipment loan application is confirmed on a first come first serve basis.  
(3) The student or student club that borrows the equipment must take good care of the equipment. If the equipment is damaged or destroyed, it must be repaired or replaced by the borrowing organization.
(4) The equipment must be returned on the day following the event for which the equipment was borrowed. Violators will receive an oral warning on the first offense and be banned from using the equipment for the remainder of the semester on the second offense.
For more information, please refer to NTUNHS Regulations for Equipment Loans for Student Club Activities.  
6. Safety Guidance for Off Campus Student Activities:
Off campus student activities are activities such as field trips, educational training, competitions and exhibitions that administrative divisions, departments, Schools, classes or student clubs organize for students to attend. Educational activities of this kind shall be regulated by the related regulations of the Office of Academic Affairs.  
To apply for permission to conduct an off campus activity, all the relevant documents concerning the activity must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs prior to conducting the activity. If the weather does not permit, the event must be postponed or cancelled as advised by the School. 
For more information, please refer to NTUNHS Safety Guidance Regulations for Off Campus Student Activities.
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