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Comprehensive service Division

A. Introduction
The Comprehensive Services Division is responsible for student affairs and general affairs of NTUNHS’s night school for working professionals.
B. Services
1. Office of Academic Affairs:
(1) Management of the night school’s classrooms and teaching equipment
(2) Management of student course selection.
(3) Management of applications for credit waivers
(4) Printing out classroom handouts
(5) Issuing application documents or certificates
(6) Managing other matters related to academic affairs
2. Office of Student Affairs:
(1) Maintenance ofstudent leaves records
(2) Student conducts grade assessments
(3) Implementation of student reward/disciplinary policies
(4) Management of Class leader records
(5) Management of tuition and fee deductions
(6) Management of applications for student safety insurance
(7) Management of other matters related to student affairs
3.Office of General Affairs:
(1) Management of applications for vehicle passes
(2) Management of other miscellaneous student fees
(3) Management of other matters related to general affairs
C. Office Location
Office of Student Affairs on the 1st Floor of Administration Building
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