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Career and Placement Division

A. Introduction
The services of Student Guidance Division include students problem solving, emergencies and accidents handling, also our campus safety maintaining. We support the daily living assistance of our students.
The scholarship programs aim to encourage the impoverished students by stimulating their learning motives, especially in supporting the scholarships and grants.
B. Services
1. Career planning:
(1) Organizes lectures and workshops on career planning
(2) Provides consultation and guidance concerning professional career
(3) Provides information on career planning
(4) Provides loan service of books and journals on career planning
2. Student Placement Counseling:
(1) Organizes employment recommendations for graduates
(2) Provides employment-consulting services
(3) Organizes lectures and workshops on employment
(4) Provide information on off-campus part-time jobs and job opportunities
(5) Organizes on-campus career fairs
(6) Provides loan service of books and journals on employment
3. WEB Services of Talent and Job Seeking:
(1) Sets up website for talent and job seeking to disseminate employment information
(2) Updates regularly talent-seeking information on website
4. Guidance to Further Study and Exam-Oriented Services:
(1) Organizes seminars on pursuing further studies home and abroad
(2) Collects prospectuses of graduate programs home and abroad for loan services
(3) Organize group registration for national exams for entry-level and senior-level professionals and technicians
5. Surveys and Statistics
(1) Surveys on alumni employment updates
(2) Surveys on alumni’s satisfaction
(3) Surveys on trends in career planning among graduating students prior to graduation
(4) Opinion surveys on potential employers for employment recommendations
(5) Opinion surveys on lectures and workshops
6. Other Services:
(1) Handling the Program for Corporate Internship of Graduates from 2007 through 2010 organized by the MOE
(2) Providing financial stipend for Students who pursue professional certification
(3) Handling the group application for national examinations of professional practitioners and technicians (ex. registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, etc.)
C. Office Location
S107 Technology Building (next to Health Center)
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