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Student Guidance Division

A. Introduction
The services of Student Guidance Division include students problem solving, emergencies and accidents handling, also our campus safety maintaining. We support the daily living assistance of our students.
The scholarship programs aim to encourage the impoverished students by stimulating their learning motives, especially in supporting the scholarships and grants.
B. Services
1. Student loan:
Assisting financially-disadvantaged students in applying for student loans from banks
2. Student attendance management:
To establish the students’ attendance record of the classes
3. Freshmen counseling & leader training:
To conduct freshmen orientation and execute leadership training courses of class leaders every academic year
4. Scholarships:
To provide the financial aids to students in needs
5. Emergency Relief Fund:
Helps students in need due to extreme hardships
6. Student Accident Insurance:
Assisting students in making claims for injuries or losses in the event of accidents
7. Dorm Management:
To conduct students’ house renting and dormitory safety within and outside the campus
8. Student Conduct Management:
To conduct and evaluate students’ manners within and outside the campus
9. Promotion of Awareness of Transportation Safety:
To promote and protect students’ traffic safety within and outside the campus
C. Office Location
Office of Student Affairs on the 1st Floor of Administration Building
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